Welcome to Equineup, home of Therapyquest.org, Equineup Assisted Psychotherapy and Equineup Assisted Horsemanship and Learning.

Horses are healers and teachers, companions, friends, and can be an important part of a person's life. Horses have a spirit that is mysterious to us and draws us in. They are masters at mindfulness and can read a person's feelings all through nonverbal communication.

At Equineup, I offer 2 ways to benefit from a horses spirit. First, through Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and second through Equine Horsemanship and Learning.

Through Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, the horses are used as partners to understand feelings and emotions that may be blocked or hard to talk about; exposing traumas however big or small that have been hidden and kept silent for many years.

Through Equine Assisted Learning, the fundamentals of horsemanship skills are taught and the client learns to interact with a horse; which in turn helps develop leadership skills, improves self-esteem, helps individuals to move past relationship issues, develops connections in their life, or just simply satisfies the desire to form a bond with a magnificent animal.